Shape Your Land to Suit Your Needs

Schedule land grading and excavation services in Covington & Florence, KY

You're not always going to have land that's perfectly suitable for construction right away. From thick brush to sharp slopes, you'll need a top land grading contractor to help you break ground. Elevation Excavation LLC has over nine years of experience serving residential and commercial clients in the Covington & Florence, KY area. We'll ensure you have a perfectly cleared and level ground to start construction.

Land grading has several key benefits, including:

  • Reducing soil erosion and flooding
  • Creating a stable base for concrete
  • Making landscaping work easier
  • Promoting healthier soil

We can even lay down seed and straw once we're finished to further reduce runoff and erosion. Call 859-750-0161 now to set up an appointment for our land grading services.

Let us handle the dirty work

Hiring the right excavating contractor is essential on both residential and commercial properties. Whether we're digging trenches for water or gas lines or removing heavy boulders for new construction, our experienced crew will ensure everything is completed safely and up to code. You can rely on us to haul away every piece of debris once we're finished.

Reach out today to hire a leading excavating contractor in Covington, KY.